Leitholm Church History 

On  1  September  2016,  Leitholm  Parish  Church  united  with  Eccles  Parish  Church  to  form  Eccles  and  Leitholm  Parish  Church. 
Originally  Leitholm  Church  was  a  Relief  Church  in  the  Parish  of  Eccles. 

Unusually,  the  Church  building  is  owned  by  local  Trustees  rather  than  by  the  Church  of  Scotland

The church was constructed in 1835 as a Relief congregation,essentially a splinter group from the Eccles parish.
The building is located mid way down the Main Street,at the end of a short road way.
The building was extended on the west side in 1872 to accommodate a vestry and entrance hall and further altered in 1877  creating galleries on the north ,west and south sides providing accommodation for 300.
The congregation were reunited with the Church of Scotland in 1929